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Lotus Flower
Lotus Flower


Are you ready to experience the beauty of natural UNFOLDING?

Lotus Flower

Reiki Principles

Just for Today

do not worry

Just for Today

do not anger

Just for Today

earn your living honestly

just for Today

be grateful for your blessings

Just for Today

be kind to every living thing.

Reiki is an ancient form of energy work, and it brings many benefits to our spiritual, mental, emotional and physical body.  The magic of healing happens every time our body enters state of deep relaxation and has a chance to use its own wisdom and healing abilities.

The same intelligence, same life force that grows the acorn into a mighty oak, opens the closed bud into a beautiful flower and transforms the caterpillar into a colorful butterfly ... is within each of us. 

Reiki helps us connect with the wisdom WITHIN us.

Reiki treatments, in a gentle yet powerful way, help achieve and sustain a happy and healthy life.

Spiritual Benefits

* promotes peace and feelings of oneness

* develops intuition

* increases spiritual awareness

* supports a positive direction

Mental Benefits

* clears and calms the mind

* increases focus

* empowers through the process of self-discovery

  and self-realization

* promotes creativity


Emotional Benefits

* promotes deep relaxation and feelings of tranquility

* increases self-appreciation

* builds self-confidence

* reduces anxiety and depression


Physical Benefits

* promotes natural self-healing abilities in the body

* strengthens immune system

* helps release toxins from the body

* provides relief in acute and chronic diseases

With Love & Gratitude,


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